35 Halloween Cakes That Beat A Bucket Of Candy


We know Halloween is all about the candy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. Our easy recipes for Ouija board cake, spiderweb cake, and dead velvet cake will be sure to spook all your Halloween party guests this year! We’ve even combined the best of both dessert worlds with killer candy and cake combos, like Snickers cheesecake, Kit Kat ice cream cake, and leftover Halloween candy cake.

If you’re planning themed décor for your own Halloween party, we’ve got plenty of cake decorating ideas to suit any style. Dressing up as Daenarys this year? Try our Game of Thrones-inspired White Walker Dragon cake. If your Stranger Things group costume is finally coming together this year, make our Stranger Things-inspired sheet cake to complete the look! And if you’ve got younger trick-or-treaters around, they’ll love this Cookie Lovers’ cake.

Want an easy yet classic Halloween cake? It doesn’t get any better than our Halloween layer cake. Topping it with Ghost Peeps, Milano cookies with the letters “RIP”, and our favorite candies and sprinkles couldn’t be simpler, and the presentation is spooky but will still lure everyone in for a bite.

Whatever you do, don’t stop at just cake this Halloween. Delight all your guests and ghouls with spooky-cute Halloween cupcakes, Day of the Dead recipes, Halloween cookies, or any of our scary-looking Halloween recipes—all in our collection of fun Halloween foods.


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