6 tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh all through the holidays

4. Pick the right type of tree

Do some research into the different kinds of Christmas trees before you go out to buy one. A fir tree will usually last longer and retain its needles better than a pine tree. Although most Christmas trees are fir trees, some stores and farms still do sell pine trees. If you do end up picking a pine tree, you’ll have to remember it’s important to give it plenty of water before decorating it!


5. Put the tree in a good spot

Pick the right spot in your home for your tree to reside. It might seem cosy and festive to put it right next to the fireplace, but the heat will cause the tree to dehydrate and this might even cause a fire! That’s not what you want, of course. The best spot for your tree is a cool one. Here your tree will stay fresh the longest.

6. Regularly check whether the tree has water left

Keep track of how much water your Christmas tree absorbs and give it as much water as it needs. If you take good care of your tree, it can easily last four to six weeks and you’ll hardly have to take more care of it than you would a fake tree. A big advantage of a real tree, as opposed to a fake tree, is that it releases a wonderful scent!


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