The best cheap headphones in 2020

1. Behringer BH 470 Compact Studio Monitoring Headphones


Best cheap headphones overall

Size: 6.69 x 3.15 x 7.87 inches | Weight: 9 ounces | Control Module: No | Microphone: No | Digital Assistant Support: No

A handsome design combined with great comfort and some of the best sound arrangement we’ve heard on a pair of inexpensive wired cans, the Behringer BH 470 stands out as the best cheap headphones in its price class. Behringer somehow managed to construct these from solid metal materials, even adding a matte finish and brown faux leather into the mix for a more upscale look. Small details like the 9-notch adjustable headband track and screwed components show the Swiss audio engineer values build quality.

The only thing it values more is audio performance, which the BH 470 excels at. Bass dominates the soundstage without compromising the mids or highs. Stereo imaging is even more impressive, making Jazz songs and live recordings more immersive to hear instruments distinctly. What’s really cool about these headphones is that they can be modified at the user’s discretion. If you want to swap out the cables or mess around with the sound output by toying with the circuitry inside, go ahead.


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