The Best Kitchen Hacks To Try With A Dishwasher Tab

Try dishwasher tabs to solve the following everyday issues easily!

Yellow underarm stains on white t-shirts: There’s nothing better than a crisp, white, freshly ironed shirt, isn’t it? White clothing is sensitive to all kinds of stains, but even if you take good care of them, they still might get unsightly underarm discolorations. Luckily, this can be solved easily! The next time you run a white wash cycle, add a dishwasher tab to your laundry. Since it’s made to clean hard-to-remove stains and grease spots, it does wonders for stubborn stains on clothing, too. Try it out, you won’t regret it!

Fryer cleanup: Tired of scrubbing your greasy frier? Try filling it with water, popping a dishwasher tab in as well. Heat it and let the water simmer for ten minutes. Insert the strainer as well, so that it gets cleaned, too – in one go. Disconnect the power cable and rinse everything carefully. Good as new!

More ingenious kitchen hacks with dishwasher tabs

Grill and grate: Ovens and grills are notoriously hard to clean. We bet you’ve wished for a quick and easy solution before, to clean a dirty grate instead of scrubbing away for hours on end! Try this: fill a container that can fit the grate with water, pop a dishwasher tab in and soak the grate. After a few hours, removing stains becomes as easy as it can get!


Neutralize kitchen odors: It’s appetizing to smell a delicious meal when you’re hungry – but what about when you’re already full? Prepping fried foods and then having to deal with everything smelling like grease can be a major issue. Instead of air fresheners, try this clever trick: heat a small pot of water and add a dishwasher tab. Simmer at the lowest temperature possible. It will instantly refresh the air in the kitchen and the surrounding areas, removing any heavy food smell that might be bothersome.

Limescale, coffee, and tea stains: every appliance that uses water gets limescale buildup eventually, which is very hard to clean by regular means. You can easily solve this issue without having to scrub or use harsh chemicals if you dissolve a dishwasher tab in water and fill the dirty mugs and teapots with it. Leave it overnight for the best results!

Burnt kitchenware:  Forgetting something on the stove – it happens to everyone at some point. Whether it’s burnt food or stubborn greasy residue, a single dishwasher tab can make your life so much easier when it comes to cleaning pans. You just need to add a tab to the afflicted pot that’s been filled with water and let it simmer away. You’ll be able to wipe it clean after a few minutes!

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