The Dog Kept Staring At The Wall For Days, When The Owner Found Out Why, He Could Not Believe It

George Miller watched as his dog, Crosby, stared endlessly at the wall of their house. Crosby would stare at the wall every day and night. Then, George decided to install cameras to discover exactly what Crosby was so fascinated by.


After looking over the taped footage George went towards the wall, which thrilled Crosby. The footage that George came across was the answer to his many questions.

George Miller Was A Bachelor

Being in a city that is different from your family members can make you feel lonely, and this was one thing George Miller wasn’t used to. He was more comfortable with having an entire team of people always with him however, he had moved away from the family he had.

Then, he took the decision to address his isolation and locate an ally. However, this companion didn’t appear in the shape of a human companion. But, George was thinking of something that was four legs not two!

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