The police warns about pieces of cardboard between the front door! Call the police when you see this!

Want to make extra sure burglars won’t get into your home? Follow these tips!

Do not showboat
You don’t want to attract burglars because they know you’ve got something worth stealing in your home. Put your bicycle or scooter inside the garage to prevent burglars from stealing it. Have you just bought an expensive electronic device like a new TV? Don’t leave the cardboard box outside next to your bin. If you do, you’re making it very obvious there’s something shiny and new inside your home.


Spare key
We know it seems like a handy idea to leave your spare key outside hidden on top of door frame or under a flower pot, but please don’t do that. You might think you’ve found the perfect hiding spot that no one will be able to find unless they know about it, but burglars will know about all the good hiding places. Instead, just give a spare key to a neighbour or a friend.

Lock your doors
This seems like an obvious one, but don’t forget to lock your windows and doors. Forty percent of break-ins happens without any use of force. What does that mean? A lot of people leave their doors and/or windows unlocked when they’re not home. Some locks can easily be picked, so if you have dead-bolt: use it!

Going on vacation? Prepare your home for being empty for an extended period of time. Avoid having piled up mail in view from outside and ask a neighbour or a friend to pick it up for you. Alert your neighbours (if you trust them) that you’re gone so they will know to keep an eye on your home.


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