These Are the Top 23 Deadliest Animals on Earth

The Inland Taipan


Going to Australia? Make sure to watch out for the most venomous snake on the planet – the ever-dangerous Inland Taipan, a species you’ll certainly want to avoid at all costs. So lethal is this reclusive reptile that experts estimate a single bite contains sufficient venom to kill 100 men.

For those unfortunate enough to cross paths, death tends to come quickly, in as little as half-an-hour. Been bitten? You’re unlikely to live to tell the tale.

So far so bad, but the good news is that chance encounters are far from common. Inland Taipan prefer to keep themselves to themselves, making their homes in Australia’s semi-arid central eastern regions, locations that are remote, with humans few and far between.

Fast and agile, this is a snake that strives to avoid others and will do its utmost to remain hidden in the shadows. But make no mistake: if cornered, the Inland Taipan will defend itself, so walk away if you ever see one. Open Next Page To Continue Reading This Article …


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