This Is Exactly What The Behavior Of Your Dog Really Means

Dogs see the world through different lenses. However, they also use their bodies to communicate. Do you want to know what your puppy is thinking at all times? If so, keep reading to figure out what they have on their minds! We bet that you will find something shocking on this list. The days when we confuse their actions are long gone.

Like any other animal, dogs give out body signals and sounds that express their intentions. How people communicate and decipher these signals vary from how they treat their pets. Dogs can either use signals to showcase their love and affection, or they can showcase their aggression and hate. Either way, knowing the basics can help you in any case.

On Hind Legs


A few possibilities exist if your dog gets up on their hind legs. Mostly, they do this to show affection. Like us, they want a hug now and then. With other dogs, they might be doing it to display their playfulness. There is nothing to worry about as long as they are not growling or aggressive.

The cutest form of hind legs is from small dogs as they do it with hops to get your attention so they can get some cuddles. If they growl and show their teeth with anger, you may want to think about hugging them. Generally speaking, should they wish to get your attention, they would most likely get on their hind legs and smile at you. Open Next Page To See More…


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