This simple trick helps you remove the circles under your eyes – Try it out!

Follow these steps for the best results

First of all: You should use a regular potato. Sweet or red potatoes are not suitable for this purpose. Once you have decided which potato to use for your skin treatment, you should make sure it’s properly cleaned with water. After all, nobody wants dirt on his or her skin!

There are various ways to apply the potato


Just like in cooking, there are various ways to get the best out of the potato.  Let’s see what options you have for getting rid of dark circles.

  1. Make a thin slice and place it right beneath the eye. But be careful, the juices of the potatoes shouldn’t get into your eyes, as this can be quite irritating and will ruin your experience.
  2. Grate the potato, then place some of the potatoes in a handkerchief and place this potato pocket beneath your eyes. This works particularly well as the potato releases more of its beneficial compounds if grated first.

Make sure to apply the potato treatment for around 15 minutes and repeat this procedure daily. Only with regularity, you can achieve great results!


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