This Touching Story Of A Couple Losing 400 Pounds Will Inspire You

It is considered a rough and tough battle for many Americans as they strive to live a healthier life daily and even stay in shape. Like many other couples, this one couple dealt with obesity, but they decided to write a different story about their life. Lexi and Danny Reed struggled with obesity, but they made the ultimate decision to alter their lives and actually kept it right through. They started the journey to alter their lives for the best and get the healthiest they knew how to. When you see the results of their mission…it will certainly inspire you! Let’s take a peek into their transformational journey…


Eating Out

Lexi and Danny lived their lives like most other American couples who fell in love with each other and then made the ultimate decision to spend the rest of their lives together. The couple spent a lot of time watching tv and going to different restaurants, and as you would imagine, the endless junk foods were their “go-to” option. Lexi never fancied the idea of eating healthily, and since the moment she got married, her eating habits seemed to have gotten worse. Open Next Page To Continue Reading …


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