This Woman’s Best Friend Is A Bear – But One Day The Bear Does Something Unexpected

A woman went fishing daily on a lake near the Russian city of Novosibirsk. She often sat patiently and waited to catch a fish. Nothing seemed out of place about this daily act except for one thing. She always went fishing with her best friend, a bear. One day as they went fishing, something very strange happened.


The woman, called veronica went fishing daily to put something on her table. Her wild creature friend, the bear she called Archie. The bear seemed to enjoy his time alongside the human quite a bit. He sometimes helped her row the boat when she was tired. It was unbelievable how these two could co-exist so peacefully. Perhaps a look at the origin of this friendship will put things in perspective.

In 2019, Veronica had rescued Archie from a bankrupt safari. The park owner had intended to release the bear into the wild, but Veronica worried about his well-being and managed to stop him. You can’t just release an animal into the wild that! He’s been held captive all his life,” pleaded Veronica. “He won’t know how to handle wild animals – he’ll be in great danger!”

So she did what she thought was right, she adopted the bear. Only that there was one big problem… it is not allowed to breed wild animals – especially when it comes to a huge wild bear, in Russia. Read more on the next page!


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